Welcome to Playing Cards for Magic

Welcome to Playing Cards For Magic!

We love playing cards… Plain and simple! Standard decks, vintage and collectibles, limited edition decks… any kind. This passion led us to become playing card collectors and to continuously keep up with all latest news and updates.

This passion of ours was also coupled with our fascination in magic tricks. Especially those performed using just a simple deck of playing cards. They can be impromptu, they can actively involve the spectators, or even take place in their own hands. Above all… they always get amazing reactions. Everybody loves a good magic trick!

Those two things brought us to the creation of this website… We decided to share with you everything there is on playing cards, magic tricks, as well as, “cool” gimmicks and relevant instructional literature. We wanted a website where the playing card collector, the magic trick enthusiast, the magician and sleight-of-hand artist, the cardist or anyone looking to have fun, by showing his/her friends a trick or two, could all meet up.

Playing Cards for Magic is exactly this site! Here, you will find the latest updates on your favorite playing card decks, news on latest releases, “what’s in the pipeline”, magic trick performance and tutorial videos, as well as, links for you to purchase some of the “hottest” decks available! Bicycle Rider Backs, Aviator, Bee Casino Cards and Tally-Ho Playing Cards. Also, decks (…and gimmicks…) designed by some of the biggest magic producers like Theory11, Ellusionist, Dan & Dave, David Blaine and The Blue Crown, alongside other smaller independent designers, like Encarded, Uusi, Elite, Vanda, Seasons and many more…

Moreover, there is also a section where – from time to time – there will be playing card decks available for you to purchase, coming directly from our own collection. They could be standard decks, or even rare and hard-to-find, limited editions… We will see…

But, above all…

Stay tuned & have FUN!

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