About Playing Cards for Magic

About Playing Cards for Magic

Playing cards for Magic - Ace of SpadesHere, at Playing Cards for Magic, we have always been captivated by magic. Street magic, stage magic, mentalism, coin tricks… any kind! However, in our eyes, magic tricks that are performed using just a simple deck of playing cards were always “something special”. The ability of being able to amaze someone simply by walking up to him/her and just ask: “Pick a card, any card…”. Perhaps it is the impromptu effect… or even the sleight-of-hand skills. It really does not matter… a deck of playing cards can be a fascinating thing to anyone when handled by a skilled magician.

Sometime down the line we decided to get involved into the collection of playing cards. Standard, vintage, limited edition and rare, collectible decks… anything is in scope. It became a passion! Still today, we are always keeping ourselves updated, following all latest news and new playing card releases.

So here we are… We combined the best of both worlds for us and we decided to share it with you through this site. We hope you will enjoy it and follow us to this journey…

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