From Our Collection

From Our Collection

From Our Collection, AcesIn this page you will find from time-to-time items for sale coming directly from “Our Personal Collection”. These items will mostly be playing cards, but we could also make available some “hot” magic gimmicks, books, instructional DVDs, etc.

The items are separated into two different categories, depending on the sales channel used:

i. eBay Listings

For those items you will be redirected to our individual eBay listings. Just follow the links, enter your eBay credentilas when prompted and check out the listings. All standard eBay (listings) rules apply.

ii. Site Listings

These are site-specific listings, only available in In order to purchase one of those products you should use the “Shopping Cart” function of the site. It is extremely easy to use. Just put the items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart and follow the on screen instructions until “Checkout”.
As those items will be purchased from us, for more details on Payment methods, Shipping, Delivery, etc. please scroll to the bottom of this the page to find the respective links.
NB: All of the functions, links and sections of the site described above will only become available when there are products displayed under the corresponding section below (“Site Listings”)

In any case and regardless of the sales channel, you should rest assured that – being playing card collectors for many years – all items from our collection are new, unopened and in mint condition. Especially for the decks of playing cards, they are always stored in brick boxes, in a moisture and dust free environment and always handled with extreme care.

For any questions you might have please feel free to use the Contact Us and we will be more than happy to get back to you.

eBay Listings

Site Listings

*No items at the moment. Stay tuned!!!*



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