New Playing Card Releases – What’s new on Kickstarter… (Part 3)

Hello people… Things are really “hot” and “alive” in the world of Kickstarter, in the realm of new playing card releases. New playing card projects continuously pop-up every few days, with some of them being really interesting and some not as much… But again… This is a matter of personal preference, so if you see something interesting below, go check it out further…

Now, let’s see what’s up:

1. “HERETIC” Playing Cards

One of the most well-promoted new playing card projects is reaching its deadline. With less than 10 hours to go, the project is well-funded, with an impressive 417%. The Sweden-based Team behind Heretic playing cards is the same one that also brought us the Requiem deck, a few months back.
The deck comes in two versions, LUX (light color) and NOCTIS (dark color). There will be 2,000 decks print run, per version. Printing will be done by EPCC / Conjuring Arts, NYC, with Master finish. All decks will be numbered (on the seal).
The theme is… Heresy! It is based on alchemy and the hermetic world. Features the three basic ingredients in alchemy: Salt (for the Jacks), Sulfur (for the Queens) and Mercury (for the Kings). Moreover, there are some more “heresies” in the deck. For example, Jacks are women, KoD holds an axe, etc. Finally, the entire project is well managed by the creators, with prototype decks sent to prominent Youtube channels to be reviewed, lots of stretch goals and frequent updates on the project.

Personal View: Definitely worth checking out… For those interested, I have the following points to share:
– In case you are interested in a brick of decks, you should definitely take a look at the Heretic Brick XI
– The addon decks are reasonably priced at $11(US)/$16(Int’l)
– In case you missed it and you are interested, you can order the Requiem deck as well

2. “ROYAL DINOSAUR” Playing Cards

This new playing card project is also about to expire – about 45 hours until deadline. As in the case of the Heretic playing cards, this project is already funded, at $7,3K (239% vs. pledge goal). It will be a fully custom deck of cards, featuring – what else – dinosaurs… The back design is two-way, designed in all shades of grey. It is an extremely limited run with only 500 decks printed.

Personal View: Personally… not my thing… I definitely acknowledge the extremely limited run, so I would definitely advise collectors to check it out. To be honest, this is the reason why I ordered one!!!

3. “DEMON DECK” Limited Edition Playing Cards

That’s odd… The Demon Deck was successfully funded a couple of days ago and the creator re-launched the project, asking for $100 pledge goal… To be honest, I am not sure what his angle is… But anyway… if you missed on the original project, now is your chance. 4 days to go!

4. “MEMENTO” Playing Cards

Italian creator Valerio Aversa’s second attempt to have his project successfully funded. With 5 days until deadline, the project is at 42% funded, still needing a bit less than 7K GBP.
Fully custom cards, featuring a two-way, detailed back design. All Aces incorporate large pips. In particular, the AoS shows a snake around the spade pip. Overall the faces have a “clean” design and custom pip placement. The deck will be available in both black and white versions.

Personal view: To be really honest, my experience with Kickstarter new playing card releases tells me that this project won’t make it either…

As I always say, make sure you visit the individual project pages in Kickstarter and check them out yourselves…

Come back and share your thoughts!


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