New Playing Cards – What’s new on Kickstarter… (Part 4)

Hello all… It’s been a few weeks since I wrote something on Kickstarter new playing card projects, so I decided that an update would be appropriate. There are quite a few campaigns which are about to end, so a “quick recap” might be helpful to some. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the new playing card releases:

1. Underground Playing Cards: Diamond Edition

Underground Playing Cards Diamond Edition, by Danielle HorowitzThis is the first Kickstarter playing cards campaign for Danielle Horowitz. It also concerns the first deck ever to be printed by Underground Playing Cards. As the title suggests, the theme of these playing cards is “Diamonds”. Should the project gets funded successfully, the creator aims for a limited 2,500 deck print run, which will be perfectly coupled by the rarity of the gem itself! Printing will be undertaken by USPCC.

The prevailing colors on this deck are blue and black. The back of the cards features two diamonds meeting at their tips, making the design a symmetrical, “two-way” one. If the idea sound appealing to you, head over to the project page and check out the details. The are sketches of some of the cards, but unfortunately not any actual pictures.

Personal View: With only 35 hours still to go and just at 45% funded, I cannot see how this project will be successful in the end. However, regardless of the outcome, it is not a deck that I would go for. I find the design to be “too plain” and without having this “special something” that would make me “wanna buy those playing cards”… On the other hand, I should also point out that if there were actual pictures of the cards, instead of sketches, the result would definitely be a lot better, at least on from a presentation point of view

2. Bicycle Blackout Kingdom Playing Cards

This deck of playing cards is presented by “Gambler’s Warehouse” and it consists their third Kickstarter release… with all three of them being successfully funded. The current one is already at 189% with 3 more days until the campaign expires.

From the artist:
“In the heyday of kings, a mysterious force swept over all of the kingdoms possessing the rich, powerful and wealthy causing a Blackout- Forcing the kings to rule their kingdoms blindly. The poor, however, were not affected by this mysterious force. The wealthy and powerful had no choice but to become united with the poor against this force to save their kingdom.”

“Some people believe that the mysterious force was the eyes of the Demon but others believe that it was the watchful eyes of the Gods.”

Bicycle Branded Blackout Kingdom Playing Cards, by Gambler's Warehouse, Kickstarter projectAs you would expect, the playing cards are fully custom, including Face Cards, Court Cards and Jokers, and will be printed on quality Bicycle Stock Paper. The tuck box is also custom, featuring metallic silver foil.

Additionally to the above-described “Bicycle Branded Blackout Kingdom Deck”, the following editions will also be available:

Unbranded, Gold Limited Edition with Sideways Tuck
- Limited Print Run of 1,500 Decks
– Linen Finish
– Metallic Gold Foil on Tucks

Limited “Light Shade” Edition Blackout Kingdom Deck
- Limited Print Run of 1,500 Decks and never to be reprinted again!

Personal View: Beautiful deck of playing cards. The artwork is amazing and really stands out, especially in the “Unbranded, Gold Limited Edition” where gold inks make all the difference! The back of the cards features an elegant, symmetrical, two-way design. The campaign is complemented by a substantial number of add-ons, able to satisfy every taste. My only objection lies with the price of the decks for Int’l backers… $22/24/24 respectively per deck is high

3. Celtic Knot Playing Cards

This campaign is for two different editions of the deck: A Bicycle branded one, to be printed by USPCC, and a Celtic Knot Gemaco branded one, to be printed by Gemaco. The cards feature Gaelic text on their faces and a borderless back, with a green, complex design.

Everything about these decks is custom: Numbers, court and face cards, pips, colors, Celtic Knot Playing Cards, by Quad City Cards, Kickstarter projectJokers, as well as the tuck box. I should also bring up the fact that the box looks like it’s been crafted by wood!

Should the campaign reaches $12,000, all decks will be upgraded to Bicycle branded deck.

Personal View: First of all, I would not be fair if I did not admit that it is a nice looking deck of playing cards overall. Very different! Above all, the tuck box and the spade pip are “truly something!”
However, there are quite a few points which are different, but not necessarily in “a good way”… For example, the text on the card faces, replacing the value in one corner. This makes the deck “one way”, but not due to the back design! Also, the unusual placement of pips which – in my opinion – looks as if they are “all over the place”…
All of these features make the deck non-practical for either magic, or playing. I would suggest checking this deck out only for collection purposes

4. Golden Spike Bicycle Playing Cards

This project is the first successful one for creator Jody Eklund. What a success this is… With 5 more days left in the campaign, the project is already at 235% funding.

The theme of the playing cards is the building of the 1st Transcontinental Railroad. They will be available through two decks: the Bicycle Edition and the Gold Edition. There was also a Black Ink Deck series, but it has been Sold Out.

Golden Spike Bicycle Playing Cards, Gold Edition, by Jody Eklund, Live on KickstarterWhat it is really worth mentioning here is that the two available editions do not differ just in the tuck box (as it is the case with many projects…). They have quite a few more differences between them. More specifically:

Bicycle Edition
– Printed by the United States Playing Card Company
– Each court card, Ace and Ad card will have original illustrations, capturing the feel of the era and the major players in the creation of the 1st Transcontinental Railroad
– Original Art for the Jokers and ad cards which will not be available in the Golden Spike “Gold Edition” deck
– The tuck cases will have original illustrations and depict the Central Pacific train “Jupiter”
– There will be an Ad card that will give the names of the characters

Gold Edition
– Printed by the Legends Playing Card Company
– Each court card, Ace and Ad cards will have original illustrations, capturing the feel of the era and the major players in the creation of the 1st Transcontinental Railroad
– Original Art for the Jokers and ad cards which will not be available in the Golden Spike “Bicycle” deck
– The Tuck case will be printed on the highest quality card stock and have Gold foil embossing and Gold metallic ink
– The tuck case will have an original illustration that depicts the Union Pacific train “119”
– The Black Suites will have gold metallic ink for the Pips and Index symbols
– The Red suites will have red metallic ink for the Pips and Index symbols
– There will be an Ad card that will give the names of the characters

Personal view: Being really honest… go pledge!!! The artwork on those cards is really magnificent… A must have for every playing card enthusiast. Moreover, the campaign also comes with quite a few different add-ons, hence you might see something that interest you.

As the funding for those decks is about to expire in the next few days, make sure you visit the individual project pages and check them out yourselves… After all, this is just my personal opinion which might be far from what you think!

Please share your thoughts and comments below…


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New Playing Cards – What’s new on Kickstarter… (Part 4) — 4 Comments

  1. Turns out the Celtic cards were probably a scam. I backed it on Kickstarter. Guy hasn’t logged in over a month, no surveys have gone out, no responses to messages. :-(

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