In this page you will find a collection of highly recommended products which are considered a “Must” for any playing card collector, magician, cardist, or virtually anyone else…

The products are divided into several different categories:
Playing Cards
Books and Instructional DVDs on Magic
Magic Trick Gimmicks
Playing Card Storage
- For the Collector…

We highly recommend those products as we have used most of them ourselves and we love them. If you need our personal opinion on any of the products that you will find in our site, please feel free to drop us a quick message in the About page. We will get back to you with our honest opinion, preferences and/or suggestions, alternatives, etc.

Please note that none of these products are sold directly by us. However, we want to facilitate your search by providing you with links to trustworthy sellers to buy directly from (Hint: Always check availability as it may vary from time to time).


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